To build trust and provide convenience services to Polar IPFS users, the platform has put a great amount of effort into providing shared miner traceability. It features straightforward traceability for its hashrate, direct payouts from the mining pool and customizable service plans, all in a convenient package. Polar IPFS makes it easier for anyone to start off with digital asset mining and provides a variety of mining methods and mineable tokens.


Polar mining’s mission is to be the best portal for FIL’s growing community.


1. Polar mining is a portal to FIL

The purpose of our content is to be the most efficient mining systems. We need to not just serve the community, but work with them and incorporate their feedback. The website isn’t just for the community we have now but for the community we hope to grow to. 

2. Polar mining is always evolving & improving 

FIL and the community are always evolving, so as polar mining. Due to the continuous improvement of FIL, we aim to remain a simple design system & modular structure. 

3. Polar mining is making mining accessible to everyone

We aim to help new users to get started with FIL and mining. The ultimate goal of our existence is to make FIL mining an easy, smart and rewarding experience for all. 

4. Polar mining promises to be totally secure and private

We respect the privacy of users and visitors of our site. Every transaction on the blockchain would be completely transparent and clear. The privacy policy will provide you with information about the collection, processing and use of your personal data when using our website.