Amy ying
Chief Executive officer

An internal audit professional for the past 5 years and with the Group’s Credit Risk Management, Legal & Compliance, and line managers of business units to gain a comprehensive understanding of the financial strategies.


Brandan Pierce
Chief Blockchain Developer

A full stack developer from London,. Who have 6 years of experience in Microsoft technologies.


Gerald Hansen
Chief Designer

Gerald has spent the last seven years working on various elements of design among Concept, industrial, product, packaging, graphics, and 3d visualization design.


Fulfiza Connor
Marketing Director

Fulfiza Connor owns and operates a strategic marketing, advertising, and digital business for more than 8 years.


Gerlach Pfeiffer
Chief IT Developer

During Gerlach’s 6 years in Blockchain Mining company, development, testing, and deployment microservices systems. He is experienced working with peer code reviews, using pull requests.


Jervonte Blake
Senior Equity Trader

Work with the Global Trading Team and technology partners to enhance a global trading platform and help innovative in order to support an analytical trading process


Declan Halliday
Financial Trade Analyst

Declan  is a skilled Financial Trade Analyst with over 5 years work experience and  pore over data to identify opportunities or evaluate outcomes for business decisions or investment recommendations.