Frequently asked questions

As the world’s first platform to deliver real hashrate capacity, as low as 1 Terrahash. Polar IPFS  has strategic partnerships with top miner manufacturers as well as renowned mining pools such as, ViaBTC, Foundry USA, AntPool, F2Pool and

The cryptocurrency could be withdrawn through the app to any other exchange platforms or ipfs wallet

Our analytics and finance department suggests that the best contract duration according to it’s value and profitability is 2 years long.

The mining is targeted to IPFS , also known as Filecoin.

Cryptocurrencies are inherently high-risk products as blockchain technology is new. The main risks faced by companies within the crypto space are: Hacking – crypto wallets held by Polar IPFS are penetrated by third parties.Polar IPFS uses leading wallet infrastructure provider Fireblocks to ensure security of assets. We also have a $50million policy in the event assets are stolen. Coin risk – if the underlying coins are disrupted by bad actors they could lose a large portion of their value. For example, if someone were to launch a 51% attack on FIL, they could issue large amounts of new FILE COIN thus devaluing it. We see this risk as relatively low as we only provide access to the largest most liquid cryptocurrencies on our platform.

Advanced Technology

The mining pool technology continues to stay ahead, the measured data of the mining machines are displayed, and the mining revenue data is real-time and transparent.

Convenient Management

Register an account, the mining pool provides APPs, global SMS verification code and other methods to help you manage and protect your mining machines and assets.

VIP Solution

Adopting leading original algorithm, large-scale operation, low-consumption and high-efficiency, which allows the service for large-scale mining.

Stable And Safe

Top technical team, distributed architecture concurrent mining, node deployment all over the world, 7*24 hours stable and secure mining network environment.